ERHS Lady Knights Lacrosse

A HS Girls Lacrosse team from Clermont, FL committed to raising money for the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation by playing better lacrosse.

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The Group's Purpose

Concept: play better technical lacrosse = cash rewards for our causes. Less errors. Strong fundamental skills. Great attitude. Focus. The better we play the more we earn & the more we learn. (Development not just winning).

How to Help

1) Sign up for our team page by hitting the "follow" button. You will then be part of our online community and recieve updates on how we preform.  

2) Reward our team with a small donation when we achieve our developmental goals. 

3) Leave encouraging comments on our weekly posts. This is where the magic lies.  A donation and quick encouraging comment will largely impact the development and devotion each child has in reaching their goals.

We encourage participation and most importantly to have fun. The ultimate goals is to have fun and keep our youth in sport.

Team Updates

  • The Lady Knights  had a fabulous End of Year Banquet and FUN was had by all. It was a great culmination of all the hard work that the Lady Knights Lacrosse Team have done to improve this season & the culture/paradigm shift that has occurred to start the New ERA.

    A Special thanks go out to honored GCCF board member/founder Joe Holt & his lovely wife Louellen Combs for attending, representing, & receiving the check on behalf of the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation.

    Thank you as well to all the supporters and donors that have helped the Lady Knights Lacrosse team reach their Higher Purpose goals this season!

    Thank you Willie Cromack & Greg Sawers for allowing the Lady Knights Lacrosse team be the first U.S. Team to represent the PlayBetterUSA initiative. Your support & your idea to refocus youth sports will help our youths have fun once again & play better.

    To my seniors, you have set an outstanding standard for the New ERA Lady Knights Lacrosse team. Thank you for a wonderful season & I look forward to hearing about your accolades as you venture forth to the next level of your life! I have no doubt that you will be successful! Remember that your family & your Lady Knights Lacrosse family will be there for you always, cheering you on & lifting you up!

    To my underclassmen, take a break, soak it all in, & let's continue this new found tradition of better lacrosse here in Lake County. Remember that your seniors have set a very high bar to follow, but I have no doubt that you can surpass it. You will have a new team next year, but your rivals will as well. Who wants it more? We can not remain status quo, you must work to get better before you show up next season! It all starts with your minds & then the hard work must follow. You can! Attitude is everything!

    Don't be fools, but don't be afraid to act a fool! I have learned a lot from you, just as I hope that you have learned from me this season. Thank you Lady Knights!



  • Congratulations Lady Knights! The NEW ERA is underway & off to a great start with completion of a great learning regular season!

    The girls have just finished the regular season with a Winning record - only the 2nd time in the school's history!!

    Now the focus turns towards the District Championships! 

    The girls have had many Wins this season other than the scoreboard as well. They reached their passing metric of 100 passes in more than 2/3s of their games this season - Winning. With your help, they have also reached their monetary goal of helping the their local charity, The Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation - Winning!

    i don't want the girls to just reach the finish line, I want them to run through the finish and break the tape!! So they have to work hard mentally and physically to get through the first round of the championships on APR7!!

    This PlayBetter campaign ends in 2 days, so we as supporters have reached the finish line, & we thank you for all the support but it's still not over yet!! Let's run through the finish line & break the tape as well. Show these girls that they can FINISH STRONG as well!

  • Look at those smiles (& the tiaras)!! 

    The smiles are the reason why these ladies play the game. We should all play, live, & strive for that feeling of pure enjoyment and happiness!!



  • We just had our Senior Night & what a wonderful night it was! Our Seniors and their families were deservedly celebrated and honored for their wonderful accomplishments and achievements as they wind down their High School experience.

    As the first team of our NEW ERA of Lady Knights Lacrosse, I am very proud of these Seniors as they have set a high mark!! I have asked my Seniors to be leaders, to be motivators, to be examples, to be enforcers, and to be the lifeline of their Team. I have asked alot of these Seniors this season and they have answered the call. 

    Even leaders stumble at times because everyone makes mistakes. It is what you learn from those mistakes and their consequences that make you stronger, better, and a more capable leader and person.

    I bring this up because that Senior Night game encompassed our whole season thus far ALL in that one night. The highs and the lows, the confidence and fear, the focus and distractions, the joy and sadness, and finally in the end, the overall pride felt by the players, families, coaches, and administrators - for being 1 Community, 1 School, 1 TEAM, & 1 VITAL LINK LADY KNIGHT!!!

    I was actually waiting for (not looking forward to) the singing (ala bus ride home) to start at the end of the game. I'm glad that they did not as Coach Stalma says:"Stay Classy ladies!"

    We have fallen together 7 times, and we have stood back up 8 times so far!

    We are not done yet and we have more work to do. We met our passing metric of 100 by getting 114 passes! We will need to continue to push that number as we focus on playing better for districts! We have raised over $903 so far for our local charity The Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation. We will need to keep pushing that effort as well.

    Thank you Seniors - let's finish strong together!!!

  • The Team bonding bus rides after some tough road losses on the scoreboard this season always amazed me (eventhough their singing did not!) & showed me that they were a team off the field. It put a smile on my face everytime they would sing offkey in unison or have danceoffs offbeat & I must admit that I loved it. They were uninhibited & unashamed (Trust me they should have been. I will spare you the videos.) So I knew they had it in them, my challenge has been to get them to do it on the field (not sing & dance but to play without fear). Even so, I was & am still confused that these girls would sing The Joe Bros Burning Up as we entered our stadium The Dungeon. Think about that for a sec - Joe Bros, Dungeon - hmmm - just doesn't quite fit. Besides, I thought The Joe Bros were out, they are so 2008! Regardless, they were having fun & it showed!

    Last night, they all made me proud & showed me that they were a team on the field by making some GREAT plays offensively, defensively, riding, clearing, communicating, & supporting/cheering each other from the sideline! I realized that they had been listening all season long about our Play Better themes - 1 more pass, playing the SPOT, working harder initially on locking down players, groundballs, going after passes so you don't have to work 4 times harder afterwards & much more!  I saw speed, intensity, smart plays, & overall uninhibited play! Did they make mistakes? Of course they did, but today they learned how to play together, trust each other, lift each other up, & fight together to grind out a tough back and forth WIN on the scoreboard and more importantly, the WIN was in how they played as a team. Players stepped in and stepped up as needed - interchangeable Links in the Chain! Whether they stepped on the field or not last night - each player was a Vital Link that contributed to the TEAM!!! 

    Lady Knights - we have 2 more regular season games left. Keep the momentum going! Keep improving! Finish the season strong!

  • We've had a tough couple of weeks on the scoreboards with tough competition but I believe the team is learning about themselves and the game each and every day! They have learned invaluable lessons through some tough losses and also fighting through a gritty, tough win! They have not reached their passing metrics recently averaging about 60 passes but we are slowly climbing back with a good showing of 75 passes today! We have 3 more regular season games left to improve before we head to the District Tournament. I have no doubt they will reach their passing metric of 100+ each and every one of those games to finsh the season strong! Keep working hard Lady Knights! Keep working hard for your Higher Purpose! We have almost reached your goals through some wonderful support from around the country and the globe!! Thank you for your support and words of encouragement!



  • "On the strength of one link in the cable,

    Dependeth the might of the chain.

    Who knows when thou mayest be tested?

    So live that thou bearest the strain!"

    The girls have been taught just as I this 4th Law of the Navy that each and every one is a VITAL Link to this team! They practice and learn so that each one must be ready to to accept their roles and STEP UP when called upon!! Team is more important than individual accolades! '93  and '88 Engineers - I can't hear you or see your support!!


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