Reward Metrics

This page is dedicated to helping  you with ideas on what might be worth tracking and worth rewarding.

Coaching note: Just remember that metrics do not tell the whole story, it is how you mesh the art of coaching and people skills with the science of numbers. The metrics you choose to reward to should be age & gender appropriate as well as support the player development you are aiming for over the long term.

For example it is of no use to track passes of a six year old girls team. They simply are not there psychologically yet. But if you were to focus on nightly practice and the girls aimed to touch the ball with the inside and outside of both feet 100 times a night then you would have a developmentally sound metric to track. Obviously in the latter case you could have some fun and real coaching conversations with your players.

It is up to you to take this where you think it should go and by all means please ask your club Technical Director or us for advice. Long term player development is the aim. These metrics should and will support your coaching.


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Tips for tracking:

There is always a case for kids tracking their own metrics like juggling or touches but tools like soccermeter or a retail clicker can help with team based metrics. Don’t forget to use your parents, they love being involved!

Below is a list of items we have seen used in the past:

Passes – typically starts at a U9/10 age group. Numbers increase as quality of group improves as well as age increases. A good Gold level team can be in excess of 175 passes per 60min game.

Touches – this can include technical items like juggling and should definitely include certain moves you want to add coaching advice on. here’s a good example of what 1000 touches can look like. Coaching tip: make sure kids are focused and doing it right. Numbers mean nothing if effort and focus aren’t applied. Training must be done right.

Pass completion % – is your team giving the ball away too much? Find out and deliver training that supports your players focus on delivering quality passes.

Possession % – do you have the ball more than the other team? Could you?

Pass strings – how many passes can your team get in a row? A good Gold level 10yr old team might hit 10 passes in a row, in an 8 a side game over 60mins, 3-5 times a season. Again, don’t over coach the passes but use this as a gauge to control ball possession.