Here is what you can do as a contributor to get started?

*tip make sure you are first logged into your account

  • Upload project team picture. Edit Page> Image tab
  • Tell us your own story - (personalize the pre populated information) Why does your team want to play better. Go to Edit Page>Settings> Team Details
  • Set a fundraising Goal (optional). Go to Edit Page> Fundraising Goal and select the goal amount and target date.
  • Invite team players, parents, and other supporters to the page by selecting “Invite Donors” and sending them an email.   The invited individual can then join your team page by clicking on "follow" next to the team updates and create a user name and password. 
  • Invite/ Share: Share your page and posts on Facebook or Twitter to invite friends to view your page, support and comment.
  • Publish a Post: Posting once or twice a week will bring others back to your page and keep them updated on your activities.  This is where you can mention if your team hit their developmental metrics for the week.  Treat writing a post like writing a short update. When writing a post ask questions to the members on the team page and encourage them to comment on it (any member who follows the team page can write a comment,  only contributors can write a post).  The magic lies in the comments section.  So invite parents and supporters to comment on your posts, give rewards, and build the online dialog. 

For example, “It was a great game this weekend and we hit our goal of over 100 passes.  I wanted to send out a friendly reminder to reward our team for hitting their developmental passing metrics.  So what did your kids to this week? Did they practice extra? Have they met our challenge and deserve a reward? Please leave a comment on this post and share your stories and thoughts. Tell us what your kids have accomplished this week.  Our team is playing better for something more important then the game itself.  A donation and quick encouraging comment will largely impact the development and devotion each child has in reaching their goals.”

*Posts also have rich text capabilities so you can include a video or picture. Go to Edit Page>Posts

  • Start a fundraiser: Individuals who are extra ambitious can start their own personal fundraiser to support your team page. Click the blue button "start fundrasier" on your team page. 

Need an extra hand? 

The owner of the page can also make a parent, assistant coach or keen kid a contributor. Simply go to edit page>Community (tab)>members>select the individual and change their status to make contributor.

You can also personally invite individuals to your team page to be contributors by hitting the “invite contributors” button.  With that said, we suggest you should only make other coaches on the team, or a manager, a contributor.

Tired of filling out your credit card info everytime? 

I encourage you to edit your profile under the “my account” tab, top left.  Put a profile pick up and write a short blurb about yourself. You can also fill in your address information so it will be pre populated everytime you go to make a donation. This will make entering credit card info way faster for you!