Empowering Coaches to be good teachers


The Play Better philosophy has been designed to support a child’s personal growth. Play Better achieves this by delivering a coaching program that will support every child to learn the values that team sports can provide.

Our goal is for everyone to be active for life.  Active physically, active in their community, and hopefully, active in the game.

Our focus is on empowering volunteer coaches with a strategy to support young teams learning their given sport. Coaches of these teams are typically parents who have volunteered their time and effort. Amateur sports can’t survive without these dedicated individuals. This is why they should be empowered with materials and resources to strategically coach children in the most effective way possible.

By equipping coaches with a plan and a strategy to help each player discover their potential, a bigger pool of talented players will reach our communities. In turn a much bigger pool of talent reaches the elite level, where professional coaches can take over, giving our country an opportunity to continue competing with the best. By tying the technical sport development to causes that matter to the players and team, we begin fostering a culture of good citizenship, real teamwork, care and community investment which we hope will last a lifetime.