Changing the Reward System 


Helping children discover their potential on and off the field and improving their technique depends on building a strong foundation of skills. Young players need an opportunity to learn their strengths, how to have fun, play fair, and be a part of a team before they are exposed to the pressures of goal scoring and taking home a win.

As a coach, imagine:

    •    Development opportunities for all players, rather than the best players receiving all the attention.

    •    Developing all players based on their individual needs.
    •    Identifying teaching opportunities and knowing what the necessary outcomes should look like.
    •    Having a clear strategy to execute coaching techniques.
    •    Using practical development timelines for each player.
    •    Investing equally in player’s skill growth as well as their understanding of good citizenship/values.
    •    Integrating charitable causes and opportunities to help others into games and practices.

Change the reward system. Change the game.


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