Sport Culture Overview 

Parents want the best for their children – which is one reason they enroll their kids in team sports.

Organized sports create an environment that fosters values like teamwork, sharing, cooperation, and skill development. When coached by volunteers who are equipped to support children as they learn, sport can provide much more than learing how to score goals and win games.

When the focus of a game becomes helping others through charitable causes, winning and scoring are not the only measurements of success. The purpose of playing becomes about more than the results on a scoreboard – it becomes about good citizenship, community investment, and personal growth.

It allows for the values learned on playing fields to spill out into the schools, homes and cities of the children playing.

The Play Better philosophy is our response to a sporting landscape that needs a paradigm shift – away from a singular definition of scoreboard success, and towards empowering children to discover their potential.


Investing in our communities one player at a time

Youth sports are full of seemingly huge challenges. Some can appear impossible to fix. Where do we start to address the issues that exist across the youth sporting landscape in the United States?


Concerns & Challenges in Amateur Sports:

  • Over invested parents.
  • Discouraged children quitting sports before the age of 13.
  • The possible physical ramifications of children who are not physically active.
  • High pressure coaches.
  • Parents rewarding children for goals and wins, but not focusing on overall development and growth.
  • Winning and goals overshadow and stifle what team sports can provide children with, like teamwork, learning, co-operation, sharing and community.
  • Children that are overlooked and not given the opportunity to develop their skills.
  • Coaches using goals to measure of success because they aren’t sure what to coach.
  • Parents supporting and cheering for the wrong performance aspects and techniques because they aren’t sure what should be expected of their children.
  • Anxiety in children because they didn’t score or win.
  • Kids, parents and coaches not having fun.

What if a very simple idea could help eliminate some of these issues and radically impacted amateur sport for children, parents and coaches?

What would our communities look like if each child involved in sports had the chance to develop skills and values, rather than just a select few?

What if we could simply Play Better?

Learn more about how Play Better aims to solve these issues.