John O'Sullivan: A Higher Purpose Than Winning

If you put a bunch of top coaches, sport scientists and psychologists in a room together, they may not agree on much. They would agree on one thing though: an overemphasis on winning and competition, instead of practice and development, is detrimental to the long term performance of young athletes....





Soccer Academy: Fixing Canadian soccer, a signature at a time

North Van’s Will Cromack starting a grassroots campaign to get the country’s program back on track...



The State of Canadian Soccer:

Will Cromack having another discussion surrounding the state of Canadian Soccer and possible solutions developed w/ @jasondevos & @Renniecoaching. On CBC: See link here! 






Sport development and the current sporting landscape: 

John O'Sullivan & Will Cromack team up on @TheSoccerWire to discuss sport development and the current sporting landscape. See Link Here!  



Join Tyler and Simon discuss the latest news in soccer

With guests Will Cromack, Jordan Stewart, and David Sandles! See link here -  KIA Vancouver Soccer Talk - Sept 13th, 2014






Jason Devos: Introducing a new plan to improve sporting culture.

There are many pitfalls in youth soccer in our country. Over-invested parents; the pressure to win at too young an age; high-pressure coaches who focus on winning instead of on development; and increased dropout rates



Team Falcons fight cancer

NVFC Falcons Under 11 soccer team has chosen to link their soccer perfomance to a charitable impact. They literally play better to fight Cancer