Gents, today’s game was a watershed moment – the boys got it.  We went from 107 passes last week to 128 passes today. We had 68 by halftime already! But that’s not all: the quality of the passes improved massively: wall passes, high percentage passes, passes back to retain possession, three or four passes strung together to spring our forward in the attacking third. And the first thing one of my defenders asked was: “How many passes did we complete?” This is huge. In my opinion, the Play Better concept is transferable to other sports, so don’t be surprised if you get an inquiry for basketball.

– Robert Kleemaier, Coach U-11 Kelowna Pirates


Through Play Better's ingenious combination of focusing on the development of the individual’s skills (NOT goal scoring) coupled with awareness of bigger issues/opportunities in the broader world, players (and parents) make the connection that what they commit to doing in their amateur sport can have an impact well beyond it.

– U12 Boys team coach



I have witnessed 10 year old children MORE interested in achieving their passing or possession target than winning. Children want to steadily and measurably improve in their skills and because given the opportunity, they have an ability to think way beyond themselves…to a difference they can make when committed to playing for a cause or charity.

– U12 Boys assistant coach


I think all teams of all sports should be doing this, it’s a great way to teach the importance of helping others at young ages. I hope that my team and I will get to take part in this wonderful experience again next year.

– Emily Karlstrom, U14 Vipers


For too long we have confused the intent of amateur sport. Is amateur sport all about winning on the scoreboard? Or is it 180 degrees opposite? Is it about just participating or showing up? Or…is it about DEVELOPING INDIVIDUALS both on and off the field of play? Play Better takes the position that it is the latter, and having been involved in amateur sport for more than 30 years as a player, coach and parent I wholeheartedly agree.

– U14 Girls team coach