What is Play Better? 

Play Better is a simple yet innovative program that equips coaches to infuse values into sport, while teaching children to play better.  It accomplishes this by changing one this - the reward system. 

With Play Better, players receive charitable rewards for achieving technical development milestones.  The long-term impact is better players who understand postive impact beyond the scoreboard: citizenship, community investment, and personal growth. 


Two main verticals we support for this to happen.




Play Better is about performing at a higher level by knowing what to train and about providing Better Play environments to learn in.

Injecting sport with a good cause 

Sport fundamentals that lead to personal growth, good citizenship, and a good setting which also provides equal opportunities for players to realize their potential – shouldn’t you be involved?

Our goal is to deliver values based learning through sport specific and age appropriate development. Rewarding players with charitable donations for reaching their training goals is a simple way to allow each child to grow, on and off the field.
This way the games become about more than the scoreboard. Parents begin to focus on how their kids are growing as individuals and they encourage their kids beyond scoring goals.