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  • Individual Challenges

    Congratulations to the following girls for completing the Bronze level of the 5,000 touch challenge:





    For completing the Bronze level, these players helped raise an additional $20 for the Special Olympics.

  • Post Media

    On April 22nd, five Skywalker players (Sofia, Hannah, Sam, Natalia, Clare) took time off from school to come out and volunteer at the Special Olympics' School Games at La Playa Stadium.  The girls spent a few hours on the track, timing the athletes and cheering them on.  It was a great experience for all on what turned out to be a gorgeous day in Santa Barbara.

  • Post Media

    At the end of a practice in February, the Skywalker girls had an important decision to make: 

    "What great organization to support and raise money for?"

    It was a difficult decision to make as there were lots of good ideas to choose from.  Some of the ideas were Transition House, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, St. Baldrick's and the Special Olympics of Southern California.  After a close vote, the girls decided that the Special Olympics would be the organization they would support.

  • Congratulations go to the Riptide for hitting 3 out of 4 of their goals during yesterday's game against the Crazy Cleats.

    1)  Riptide connected 128 passes during the game which is a team record.

    2)  Riptide achieved their first "clean sheet" or shut out by not letting the other team score a goal!

    3) Riptide won the game 2-0.

    The only goal they missed out on was the number of pass strings.  While they were looking to complete at least 5 pass strings of four or more passes, they only had 3 pass strings. 

    The Riptide are improving week by week and by the end of the season they are hoping  to complete over 150 passes in a game.

  • Riptide, I want to let you know that I loved the focus you had and the effort you put in today at practice.  Each week, Robin and I are seeing you improve individually and as a team.  We are proud of the progress you are making.  Keep up the good work and Let's see if we can surpass 100 passes during Saturday's game!


    Go Riptide!

    - Coach Brian





  • Silent Saturday

    It was "Silent Saturday" today - the day kids like and the day coaches generally really dislike.  The Riptide may have lost the game 4-0, but the girls played well and out passed the other team 79-59.  The girls also completed 4 "pass strings" of 4+ passes in a row, while the other team didn't have any 4+ pass strings.  After the game, the other coach complimented our team at how well our team was passing the ball.  While we currently don't have a winning record, the girls are well on their way to becoming the best GU-12 passing team in the league!  Riptide, keep working hard and completing those passes and you'll start to see great things happening!

  • Santa Barbara Humane Society

    Santa Barbara Humane Society

    During practice today, the girls had an important decision to make.  They had to decide which of the many great non-profit organizations in the Santa Barbara area to support.  The girls all liked the idea of supporting a non-profit that helps animals and a decision to support the Santa Barbara Humane Society was quickly reached.

  • Opening Day!

    The first game of the season is in the books and while the Riptide lost 4-1, the girls played hard and achieved one of their goals - completing over 100 passes  (118) and completing more passes than one of the stronger teams in the league.   This is a great start to becoming the best passing team in AYSO Region 122!


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